MazdaManiac Custom Calibration Service®

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MazdaManiac Custom Calibration Service submissions are fulfilled LIVE using the Google Hangouts application on the dates and times listed below. Submissions, questions or data are no longer accepted through e-mail.

You must use the Google Hangouts Application provided at this link

After installing the Google Hangouts application and signing in to your Google account, send a "friend request" to before the next scheduled session to activate your subscription. Your request will be answered in the minutes immediately following the start of the next scheduled session, after which you can add yourself to the submission queue by sending a message containing your answers to the "11 Deadly Questions"  through the Google Hangouts application. If you do not send the request before the start of the session, you will not be added until the next scheduled session.

Calibration submissions are handled on the dates listed below in "real time". Submissions will be fulfilled generally in less than 90 minutes and all necessary information and files can be conveyed at that time. If you have any questions about the service or about your particular calibration needs, you can log on the Google Hangouts during the times listed below to submit your questions and data.




My locality (Arizona) does NOT observe Daylight Saving Time (DST), so my time zone will appear to shift between MST and PST over the course of the year. 
If you are unsure of the starting time indicated in the schedule below, please google your local time and compare it to the UTC/GMT time that is posted or Google "Arizona Time" to see what the current time is for MazdaManiac.


Submissions at any other time than those posted will not be received. Each new session must be initiated with your answers to the "11 Deadly Questions". Do not submit files before they are requested during the sessions. Feel free, however, to say hello! Do not attempt to contact MazdaManiac at any other time than those posted. You will only receive an automated response indicating the time and date of the next scheduled submission session.

New submissions will be accepted up to 30 minutes before the end of the session. Once there is less than a half-hour left in the session, only submissions that were posted prior to that time will be processed. Submissions that were posted prior to that time will be completed before the end of the current session.

If you do not want to wait while your submission is processed, you can log on at a later time and your update, along with any comments and further instructions, will be posted in the message thread at the point where you left off. Please let me know if you intend to log off before you have received your update.


The current submission processing schedule is as follows: